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If you are considering a move and would like to learn more about NEXA Mortgage and the Wholesale Mortgage Broker Channel please come take a look at our interactive "Why NEXA"webinar hosted every Thursday.

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  • NEXA hires loan officers with at least 1 Year experience
  • We prefer Loan Officers producing 1 loan or more per month
  • We prefer self-generation-of-business Loan Officers
  • We do not provide leads but have a whole advertising division to help
  • We have Lead Program Providers that You can hire
  • We pay payroll every day M-F with 24-48 turn times
  • We have the most talked about support system in the industry
  • We have over 200 Wholesale Lenders to choose from with every loan program available in the U.S.
  • We pay 220 to 275 bps on every closed loan
  • We pay only commission, no salaries
  • We have W-2 and 1099 Employees depending on the state you in
  • We lend in every state and Puerta Rico. We do not lend in New York or Massachusetts

Low-Rate Lender

NEXA Mortgage is designed to give you the ability to compete on every loan in every market. Instead of losing clients to other companies with lower rates, let us make you the "low rate leader" in your market.


No more sending clients away because of overlays or product. You will enjoy the freedom & flexibility of every product possible. FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA, DPA, Commercial etc.


Start at NEXA Mortgage and your support will never be unmatched with our always available support teams. Our support staff is online all day ready to assist with your immediate needs.


Our average CTC is 14 days and we are pushing that to be even faster. NEXA Mortgage has an amazing processing platform and is by far one of the most amazing pieces of NEXA Mortgage.


NEXA Mortgage is a business of people independently working together to provide all of the benefits you can expect from a fortune 500 company. (Medical, dental, matching 401k, retirement revenue share, life insurance, etc.)


From the highest splits in the business, to long-term residual income into retirement. We have designed NEXA Mortgage for your success. No risk and unlimited potential.

Marketing & Tech

With our full-time always on marketing team ready to assist you with all of your video and online marketing needs. We have more available marketing materials than you can handle

NEXANEXA Mortgage is ranked as the top Mortgage Broker in the country and is constantly growing in multiple states. NEXA Mortgage is a fantastic organization that truly cares about its employees and loves closing loans.


  • Your rates will never be beaten
  • Every product you can imagine
  • Highest splits in the business

  • Marketing support
  • Systems support
  • Lender/Scenario support
  • Human Resources support
  • Payroll/Accounting support
  • On-boarding support


  • Fully automated marketing to consumers
  • Fully automated marketing to referral partners
  • Fully automated processing (speeds to make your head spin)
  • Full integration with online portals and Day 1 Certainty
  • Turn-Key solutions, websites and mobile apps ready to go


  • Full suite of turn-key platforms, marketing & support ready Day 1
  • Fully integrated and fully automated CRM systems
  • Custom Videos and Flyers ready Day 1
  • Entire suite of social media marketing platforms
  • So many things to discuss here… let’s schedule a Zoom meeting!

UNIQUE PRODUCT OFFERS (and so many more)

  • FHA and VA down to a 500 score
  • Construction “One Time Close”
  • NEXA DPA – Multiple down payment assistance programs to choose from
  • Bank Statement Programs (for self-employed)
  • NO DOC Programs (for investors)
  • Hard Money & Fix and Flip Programs
  • Commercial
  • Reverse Mortgages


  • Stop losing deals to rates (your customers are leaving even if they don’t tell you)
  • Stop saying no to clients that can buy
  • Stop saying no to self-employed clients that cannot show tax returns
  • Stop saying no to clients as low as 500 credit scores
  • Stop accepting poor service from your Underwriters and Processors


  • True A-Z processing (submit at purchase contract and forget it – processing handles the rest)
  • You no longer have to chase down your conditions
  • Processors are COMMISSIONED ONLY and based on speed (they are motivated)
  • Fully automated processing systems that dramatically speed up the process
  • Fully automated processing systems that keep you and your partners in the loop 24/7


  • Highest paying Loan Officer Splits
  • Branch Manager opportunities with a full P&L
  • Retirement Revenue – Continues after you retire from NEXA
  • Insurance Revenue – Your family receives your income when you cannot


  • Prequalifying clients
  • Gathering docs as needed
  • Submitting a complete file
  • Working in the field to build your business


  • Must be a licensed MLO with NMLS.


  • Medical (multiple plans to choose from)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Legal Services

If you are considering a move I would love to show you all that NEXA has to offer. Contact me for a one on one review or register for our weekly "Why NEXA" webinar

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